Customers of great style and taste…

When you refer a friend to Brunarhans, it is the best complement.  Your trust and confidence placed in us is taken seriously.  And when people of great style and taste refer their friends to Brunarhans, this is the highest complement and testimony we could receive.   Paula Allen is such a customer, neighbor, and friend.  She visited the other day with her friend, Marlene, who is in the process of a bathroom remodeling project.


Here is Paula in our showroom kitchen made of Birch wood with durable Zodiaq countertops.  Her home is filled with Brunarhans from kitchen to bathroom to office.  Going to our file cabinets, we uncovered the details, laid out in the picture below.  We see hand drawn kitchen sketches,  hand drawn furniture sketches, hand drawn bathroom sketches which show the early design iterations.  These are then followed up by full color 3D CAD renderings of the kitchen space.



The Allens allowed us to make several pieces for their beautiful home, including a kitchen, main bath, master bath, TV cabinet, coffee table, matching end tables, bathroom doors, 52 inch wide serving buffet, 48 inch wide sofa table, chair side chest, and a round table.  Most of these pieces are hand crafted out of solid 3/4 oak, with Minwax Fruitwood 241.

The kitchen is a standard overlay design, made of 3/4 inch oak, with Whirlpool appliances, raised panel cathedral doors with ogee edge treatment and Blum hinges.  Just like ordering a car, Brunarhans kitchens have a wide range of options and the Allens selected a silverware divider, undersink pullout, soap dispenser, pullout trays, microwave cabinet, large top crown molding, utility divider, sliding wastebasket, breadbox drawer, wine rack, spice rack, pullout cutting board, pullout and swivel TV mount.

The master bath has high 97 inch ceilings with post and beam reveal, a large Concertino Whirlpool, and solid oak vanity.

The oak buffet is focal point of the dining room.  This significant piece is almost 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide of solid 3/4 oak wood finished by hand with Minwax Fruitwood stain.  Serving as a display piece for their heirloom china service, the buffet hutch has 4 glass doors, plate grooves on all shelves, and baseboard cutouts on the front and sides.

The Conrad Allen Realty business never sleeps, so a home office is quite necessary.  Conrad spends many hours in the Allen home office, which deserves special mention.  This home office is made of 3/4 inch solid mahogany and is custom designed and fitted to the space perfectly.  The desk several drawers with file rail guides for Pendaflex hanging folders and PC.  A key design detail of the desk is the symmetrical fluted stiles.  The fluted stiles are hand crafted and Made in America in our woodshop of mahogany, and then assembled on site with Lamello biscuits to avoid any hint of fastening hardware.  There are no visible finishing nails holes, no wood putty filler, no wood buttons hiding a wood screw.  The result is a flawless finish with no visible fastening hardware, perfectly aligned pieces, and the biscuits actually pull the workpieces together.   All this takes a bit longer prep time in the shop, but it pays off with years of service looking as good as new.

The office also has a large bookcase for storage.  the shelves have 1 1/4 inch nosing on the 30 inch wide shelves.  This makes for a nice visual element to the shelves but also provides rigid span support.  Near the bookcase is a large fabric covered cork board 5 feet wide.  The doors  on the office cabinets have routed cove edges, with the base cabinets having full cable management for the PC and other electronics.  The framing bead on the cabinets doors has an ogee pattern on the stile and rail of the doors for a subtle distinguished design.  If you are going to work long hard hours, you may as well have a beautiful space to work in, right?


The looooong mahogany bar.

mahagony bar panel

With the right surface preparation and finishing, wood furniture and cabinets will have a stunning look and last a lifetime.  But the right preparation takes a lot of time.  It can only be done by hand.  Lots of hand sanding.  Flawless finishing like a varnish or lacquer cannot be applied by rookies; it takes years of experience, fluid body motions, and keen senses.  Our craftsmen have decades of experience, and our products are made at an unhurried pace.  This is the opposite of what mammoth off-shore furniture factories practice.

The picture above is just one panel of a loooooooong bar.  Made of mahogany with a waterproof clear coat, this bar is 16 feet in length.  This finished piece will be sanded, sprayed, dried, sanded again, sprayed again, and dried again – for a total of three coats.

mahagony bar hand sanding

Below is our finishing room in action.  Here our senior expert finisher, Lis, applies another coat.  This is done in our well lit, well ventilated, finishing room.  Lis makes fine adjustments to her spray gun not only by adjusting the air pressure, but by listening to the sound it makes.  Then she sets up the work at a particular height so that she can walk and spray the entire surface in one pass.  All senses are involved.

mahogany bar sprayed by hand not robot sprayed

Before we deliver it to our customer, we assembled the entire bar in our workshop to ensure it comes together exactly as designed.  Below is the 16 foot long bar assembled in our workshop.  It is details like this that set Brunarhans apart.  The curved bar rail and bar countertop are made of mahogany, and each of them is a solid piece of continuous length of mahogany.  There are no glued joints along the full length of the front of the bar!

mahogany bar fit and finish

Then we disassemble it, wrap it in furniture blankets, and carefully deliver it with our white glove service.  Below is an AutoCAD drawing  of the full bar, designed by our in house design staff.

mahogany bar AutoCAD drawing in-house designer