Tremendous amount of craftsmanship…

“There is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product” said Steve Jobs.

This Glastonbury kitchen exemplifies that statement fully.  It starts with a beautiful design concept by Lisa Davenport.    Being a narrow kitchen, it was a tight fit.  Rounded curved ends of the island ease the flow of traffic between the kitchen and the entrance.  The two tiered island allows for several stools of seating.  The kitchen opens into a comfortably designed seating area with a fireplace.  Clever storage is provided through tall lockers with a bench seat and handy wicker baskets.  The doors to the family room slide open with barn door hardware which roll open smoothly and are fully out of the way.

kitchen remodel redesign Glastonbury

Curved end cap island

More beautiful pictures of this finished design are available at Lisa’s Houzz page here

The craftsmanship lies in the details, such as the build of the curved end doors with inner curved shelves.  Constructed like part of a wooden barrel.


The clock was also custom made in America here at Brunarhans, and designed with a wooden surround to match the island and wood to match the floor.

IMAG0397    locker clock



Thanks to Steve Jobs for highlighting the craftsmanship and the team effort employed to put this together for the homeowner.  Beautiful pictures taken by the talented Neil Landino.

Steve_Jobs_Lost_Interview  Steve Jobs, The Lost Interview, Magnolia Pictures.