99% of you have never heard of Bubinga. How about the 1% who have?

99% of you have never heard of Bubinga.  How about the 1% who have?

They must work in the music or wood industry.  Bubinga is a gorgeous exotic wood valued for its musical properties, ability to produce massive wood slabs, and for its various grain patterns.  It is sourced from central African countries such as the Congo, Gabon, and Cameroon.  Not an especially rare or threatened tree species in Africa, the value comes from the size of the slabs and the grain that lies within.  “Waterfall” patterns of the grain are especially valued when presented in furniture and musical instruments from guitar companies like Martin and drum companies such as Gretsch (Both still made here in America, btw)

bubinga 02s

Brunarhans recently worked on six massive slabs of bubinga, each slab being over 40 inches wide, nearly 2 inches thick, and 8 feet tall.  And this is not plywood; it is a solid piece of lumber right from the tree!  Our customer wanted the slabs sanded to a fine finish using our Italian Sandya wide belt sander in our wood shop.  After slowly, repeatedly, and progressively being sanded down to 220 grit through our sander, we then applied a clear coat finish that brought out the grain and had a mirror-like reflection.  There is no color or stain applied to the finished wood, this is the natural color.

Bubinga by Brunarhans


If you have an idea that calls for a solid piece of beautiful lumber like bubinga,
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