Ever seen a beautiful room in a coffee table book  or magazine – one that stays with you for a long time?  Finally you have to take action and get that room or an element of the room built in your home.  This is a common scenario at Brunarhans; numerous clients have come into our showroom with books or magazine pages or website photos and ask us to duplicate it in their kitchen, bathroom, family room, wine cellar, or bar area.  Even the smallest detail such as a piece of moulding is a starting point.  That’s what we have below – several years ago our client had an image of a piece of wood trim work that they wanted copied.  Unfortunately this trim was not available out of a catalog – Brunarhans spent hours on our CAD system designing this trim, then sending it to our CNC to be machined from solid Poplar wood, and then built into a custom bespoke cabinet for the bathroom with a matching mirror.  The original bathroom design inspiration from @Charlotte Moss.

custom made trim Moorish

Where would you go? Copy 100 year old antique mirror into a new master bathroom?

Where would you go?  Copy 100 year old antique mirror into a new master bathroom?


After coming home with a substantial six foot tall antique mirror, our client knew exactly which room the mirror was for – his master bathroom.   Further, he wanted to have the style and color of the mirror to be the foundation and the look of the new master bathroom.  This would require someone to duplicate the design features of the mirror into a custom bathroom sink cabinet.  Where would you go to have this done?

Already having a relationship with Brunarhans from his distinctive kitchen several years earlier, this client came back to Brunarhans with the request.  After many hours of custom design work, Brunarhans custom-made the bathroom vanity with sink and a clever hinged mirror that angles open.  The color of the vintage mirror frame was perfectly matched with a custom Benjamin Moore tint.  The detail trim was provided by  The inner most trim is called beading and, although it looks like egg and dart, the outer trim is lamb’s tongue moulding.  The corners use a floral rosette.  The finished bathroom matches 100% in style and color due to our custom design, careful millwork, sturdy cabinetry, and precise finishing efforts.  Don’t worry, the very valuable antique mirror was not hurt during this replication or duplication process.  That’s the type of work Brunarhans does!

custom bathroom vanity marble     hinged tailors dressing mirror