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One of the most important things when starting a project like a new kitchen or a remodel is to keep organized.

We would suggest that you create a binder of all the important things you are considering for your project. Have separate sections for various items, such as appliances, cabinet styles, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, hardware, countertop choices, etc.

From there, look through magazines, internet, and friends and family homes for things you like. Cut out pictures of rooms that appeal to you or contain elements or features you especially like. Do not worry about whether the style of the room from the picture does not match what you want. The elements themselves are what is important. Take the magazine clippings and place them in their respective places in the binder. This process helps you to gather all your ideas in one location that you can retrieve easily. Make a list of things you really like in your existing kitchen and a list of things you do not like. What is lacking and where do you really feel you need to focus? Then when you meet with your kitchen planner, electrician, plumber and so on, you will be able to show them exactly what you mean and you can limit any miscommunication.

Please download the following PDF worksheets to assist you.
The B Word
Existing Room Specifics & Graph Paper
Life Style and Room Use
Kitchen Wants and Needs Checklist
Appliance Checklist