50% Solution – Affordable Kitchen Makeover LED Color Bulbs

The 50% Solution.  Affordable Kitchen Makeover through LED lighting.

New Year = New Kitchen?  That would be great, but maybe it’s not on your to-do list this year.  Brunarhans wants to share an affordable way to give your kitchen a quick and affordable makeover.  Through the use of new Hue LED bulbs from Philips, you can change the color from pure crisp white to any color of the spectrum for a personalized lightscape, and even light dynamics synced to music.  These bulbs are connected to a hub and the internet and controlled via an app on your smart phone iPhone.

Philips Hue kitchen makeover color LED toe kick lighting

Hue can wake you up. Help protect your home. Relive your favorite memories. Improve your mood. Even keep you informed about the weather.   Gives you total control over your lighting from your smart phone or tablet – even when you’re away from home.  ‪#‎philipshue‬

Hue App iPhone color LED Kitchen Makeover   hue app people


Together, the bulbs, the bridge and the app will change the way you use light. Forever. Experiment with shades of white, from invigorating blue/white to cozy yellow/white. Or play with all the colors in the spectrum.

Hue starter kit granite counter

birch kitchen under daylight

Showroom kitchen under daylight




So there you have it – the 50% Solution.  Lighting for 50% of the day.  Come take a look at this easy kitchen facelift makeover at Brunarhans showroom.




4 Easy Steps to Selecting Countertops

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop cover1


1.  Start with your cabinets.
2 . Look closely at wood tones.
3. Consider the balance of materials.
4. Find the color that’s best for you.

1. Start with your cabinets.

Are you choosing new cabinets or matching existing ones?   In both cases, cabinets are often the dominant element in many  rooms, especially if you’re selecting colors for a kitchen with above-the-counter cabinets. Remember, cabinets will do much  to set the overall style and tone. All of the finishes and surfaces  you choose should complement the cabinets.

2. Look closely at wood tones.

All cabinet woods have a unique tone and color cast—redder, browner, more yellow, greenish, silvery. The color may come from the natural tone of the wood or from stains and finishes. Take a careful look at your finish options. Will your cabinet tones be warm or cool, light or dark, natural, blonde or brunette, or glazed with subtle highlights? Also, don’t forget to select the grain.  And remember to consider the overall effect you are creating before looking at specific finish and color options.

3.  Consider the balance of materials

Think about your floors, walls and furniture when choosing  countertops, not just the cabinets. All these elements should  relate to each other in some way, through texture, color or feeling.   And remember, it’s okay to mix countertop surface materials.   You may find a granite island works well with perimeter  countertops Zodiaq Quartz or DuPont Corian.

4.  Find the color that’s best for you.

Here are three ways to choose the right countertop colors:

  1. Choose a high contrast color for countertops for visual interest. This avoids the trap of “too much of a good thing” and creates  a livelier space.
  2. For a serene color scheme, stay in the same color family as the  cabinets. Go darker or lighter to avoid blandness—choosing  countertops in the same color family will give your room a  restful, soothing look.
  3. Make the countertops a focal point when using contemporary,  clean-lined cabinets. Using strong colors or textures adds visual  interest to contemporary cabinets and helps create a dramatic space.


Choice of Material

You can’t go wrong with countertop choices such as DuPont Corian  solid surfaces for the perimeter counters in the room; then choose a contrasting color of engineered quartz surface like Zodiaq, or natural Granite for a dramatic island.  You’ll create a kitchen with more visual  interest than if you select just one material for all countertops. Of course, whichever surfaces are right for you,  it’s good to know that you have the widest range of colors available and they will be installed by a Certified  Fabricator.

Choice of Material:  GRANITE

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop MATERIALS


Natural beauty at its best is selected from  some of the highest-quality natural  granites from around the world. The performance of  granite is also improved with innovative, science-based  sealant technology, making it even  easier to care for. It’s available in a  range of colors, from lustrous darks  to bold yellows and golds. Since every slab of granite is uniquely beautiful,  there will be variations in colors and  patterns.

>  Countertops of granite are strong  and durable.

>  Aesthetics range from small and  large unique crystal shapes to wide, fl owing veins of contrasting colors.

>  Surface finishes are available, from highly polished and shiny to rough-textured.

>  Resists staining, but must  be properly maintained and  periodically resealed.

>  Heat-resistant, but hot pads or  trivets are recommended for granite.



Choice of Material:  CORIAN

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop MATERIALS

The ultimate design choice, DuPont Corian is available in more than 140 colors. And it’s luxurious and inviting to the touch, with a soft matte texture. What’s more, Corian® offers easy-to-care-for seamless sinks and a variety of  backsplash and edge treatment options.

>  Nonporous and seamless,  Corian makes it easy to prevent  the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew.

>  Solid and renewable—scratches  can be quickly removed with mild household abrasives.

>  Heat-resistant Corian stands up to accidental heat exposure for  short periods.

>  Uncompromisingly stylish, the Corian Private Collection captures the shifting textures and  fluid patterns of nature.

Choice of Material:  ZODIAQ QUARTZ

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop MATERIALSUnconventionally natural, DuPont  Zodiaq improves upon Mother Nature  with a countertop that is stronger and  easier to maintain than stone.   Zodiaq  is 93% quartz crystals,  combining  advanced DuPont technology with the  radiance, subtle shimmer and hardness  of quartz.  And now, the Zodiaq collection brings dramatic movement  and veining to your design palette.

>  Zodiaq is resistant to scratches,  chips and cracks.

>  No sealing is required—Zodiaq Quartz  is nonporous and stain-resistant.

>  Zodiaq Quartz is heat-resistant.

>  The color consistency of Zodiaq  makes matching long-seamed  countertops and many counter  surfaces easier.




Cabinet Color Design: Glazed Cabinets

Lighter woods may appear more neutral and open. If you are considering lighter cabinets, you can create contrast  with your choice of countertop. Or go light all the way in countertops and cabinets, with darker flooring for contrast.

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop GLAZED

Coordinating colors…

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop GLAZED1

Colors here include:

Tranquil, Camel, Concrete, Sonora, Bianco Carrara, Rosso Verona, Granite Giallo Napoleone.

Clam Shell, Sahara, Verde, Egyptian Copper, Crema Botticino, Ocean Blue, Granite Emerald Pearl.

Burled Beach, Acorn, Cinnabar, Moss, Crema Marfil, Smokey Topaz, Granite Lapidus.






Cabinet Color Design: Black and White Cabinets

A classic, striking marriage of white cabinets and black countertops— or vice versa — is always in fashion. But keep  in  mind,  black  and  white  cabinets  let  you  explore  limitless  color  options,  like  brightly  colored  Corian  or Zodiaq Quatz countertops. Or for a sophisticated urban twist, go darker and mix in stainless appliances and a flat-black tiled floor.

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop BLACK WHITE


Coordinating colors…

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop BLACK WHITE1

Colors here include:

Chamois, Gobi, Sagebrush, Aloe Vera, Marrone Ambrato, Black Forest, Granite Verde Ventura.

Camel, Stone Harbor, Canvas, Winter Wheat, Crema Botticino, Royal Brown, Granite Lady Dream.

Cinnabar, Cirrus White, Fawn, Burled Beach, Bianco Carrara, Crema Marfil, Granite Giallo Fiorito.




Cabinet Color Design: Red Toned Cabinets

Dark woods often have red undertones and blend beautifully with very dark countertops to create dramatic settings.   For balance, select lighter flooring and stainless steel appliances in kitchens. In older houses especially, this combination often suits the architecture.

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop RED

Coordinating colors…

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop RED1

Colors here include:

Rain Cloud, Stone Washed, Canvas, Sonora, Smokey Topaz, Rosso Verona, Granite Columbo Gold.

Clam Shell, Mojave, Lava Rock, Sagebrush, Bianco Carrara, Crema Marfil, Granite White Spring.

Burled Beach, Aubergine, Mojave, Raw Silk, Giallo Michelangelo, Cappuccino, Granite Labrador Antique.



Cabinet Color Design: Brown Toned Cabinets

If you’re infatuated with dark brown woods in furniture and cabinets, try pairing them with robin’s egg blue, ice blue, lettuce green, citrus orange or lavender wall and trim colors for an even more stylish effect. Select a lighter countertop to  contrast with dark brown cabinets, and then pick up one of the other colors for accents, window treatments or furniture.

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop BROWN


Coordinating colors…

4 Easy Steps Selecting Countertop BROWN1

Colors here include:

Clam Shell , Egyptian Copper, Aloe Vera, Lava Rock, Ocean Blue, Woodland Gray, Granite Kashmir White.

Sonora, Meteor Gray, Raffia, Burled Beach, Verde, Black Forest, Granite Juparama Bordeaux Dark.

Rain Cloud, Ecru, Tumbleweed, Green Tea, Bianco Carrara, Giallo Michelangelo, Granite White Spring.

Brunarhans has helped over 1000 homeowners with their kitchen renewal and remodeling.  You can be confident of your purchase decision with the Brunarhans Guarantee – “You will be exceedingly happy with the whole remodeling process, and of course, with the finished product, or we will fix it at no cost to you.”




Out with the old, See the new…

Out with the old, in with the new.  Beautiful new eyeglass displays for our friends at Charlton Optical!

1CharltonOptical  Already a successful optician shop, Peter Maly R.D.O. sets the bar higher with an entirely new look for his Charlton Optical on Masonic Road.

3new_display_case Here are the new display units, much larger, with better lighting built right in,  and cabinets made of beautiful wood.   4new_display_case_eyeglass_backlit  These displays are capable of holding over a variety of a 1000 different frames from manufacturers such as Alain Mikli eyewear, Arnette eyewear, K&L Killer Loop eyewear, Oakley eyewear, Oliver Peoples eyewear, Persol eyewear, Ray-Ban eyewear, Revo eyewear, Sferoflex eyewear, Vogue eyewear, Armani eyewear, Brooks Brothers eyewear, Bulgari eyewear, Burberry eyewear, Chanel eyewear, Chaps eyewear, Coach eyewear, Disney eyewear, Dolce & Gabban eyewear a, DKNY eyewear, Donna Karan eyewear, Fox Eyewear, Michael Kors eyewear, Miu Miu eyewear, Polo Ralph Lauren eyewear, Paul Smith Spectacles eyewear, Prada eyewear, Ralph Lauren Purple Label eyewear, Ralph Lauren eyewear, Reed Krakoff eyewear, Stella McCartney eyewear, Tiffany & Co. eyewear, Tory Burch eyewear, Versace eyewear, Versus eyewear.

But the work begins with the removal of the old displays.  2RetailDisplayCabinets   Some serious grinding work is required to prepare the wall for the new displays.  The Brunarhans installation is led by Brian Tucker, responsible for the spark shower.



Come check out the NEW CHARLTON OPTICAL – and give Pete a big thumbs up on his new showroom.5_optical_examination_procedure


You will find the whole crew at Charlton optical, all the most inviting and pleasant to work with professionals…

7DavidSnowdon The experienced Dr. David Snowdon O.D.

7FirasKassira The skillful Dr. Firas Kassira, O.D.

7DenisePocai Denise Pocai O.D.O.


7JayneDeluca Jayne Deluca O.D.O

7LindaSchultz Lynda Schultz, Charming Office Manager

7LynnKonieczny Lynn Konieczny O.D.O

7PeterMaly And of course, the handsome Peter Maly, R.D.O.

Customers of great style and taste…

When you refer a friend to Brunarhans, it is the best complement.  Your trust and confidence placed in us is taken seriously.  And when people of great style and taste refer their friends to Brunarhans, this is the highest complement and testimony we could receive.   Paula Allen is such a customer, neighbor, and friend.  She visited the other day with her friend, Marlene, who is in the process of a bathroom remodeling project.


Here is Paula in our showroom kitchen made of Birch wood with durable Zodiaq countertops.  Her home is filled with Brunarhans from kitchen to bathroom to office.  Going to our file cabinets, we uncovered the details, laid out in the picture below.  We see hand drawn kitchen sketches,  hand drawn furniture sketches, hand drawn bathroom sketches which show the early design iterations.  These are then followed up by full color 3D CAD renderings of the kitchen space.



The Allens allowed us to make several pieces for their beautiful home, including a kitchen, main bath, master bath, TV cabinet, coffee table, matching end tables, bathroom doors, 52 inch wide serving buffet, 48 inch wide sofa table, chair side chest, and a round table.  Most of these pieces are hand crafted out of solid 3/4 oak, with Minwax Fruitwood 241.

The kitchen is a standard overlay design, made of 3/4 inch oak, with Whirlpool appliances, raised panel cathedral doors with ogee edge treatment and Blum hinges.  Just like ordering a car, Brunarhans kitchens have a wide range of options and the Allens selected a silverware divider, undersink pullout, soap dispenser, pullout trays, microwave cabinet, large top crown molding, utility divider, sliding wastebasket, breadbox drawer, wine rack, spice rack, pullout cutting board, pullout and swivel TV mount.

The master bath has high 97 inch ceilings with post and beam reveal, a large Concertino Whirlpool, and solid oak vanity.

The oak buffet is focal point of the dining room.  This significant piece is almost 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide of solid 3/4 oak wood finished by hand with Minwax Fruitwood stain.  Serving as a display piece for their heirloom china service, the buffet hutch has 4 glass doors, plate grooves on all shelves, and baseboard cutouts on the front and sides.

The Conrad Allen Realty business never sleeps, so a home office is quite necessary.  Conrad spends many hours in the Allen home office, which deserves special mention.  This home office is made of 3/4 inch solid mahogany and is custom designed and fitted to the space perfectly.  The desk several drawers with file rail guides for Pendaflex hanging folders and PC.  A key design detail of the desk is the symmetrical fluted stiles.  The fluted stiles are hand crafted and Made in America in our woodshop of mahogany, and then assembled on site with Lamello biscuits to avoid any hint of fastening hardware.  There are no visible finishing nails holes, no wood putty filler, no wood buttons hiding a wood screw.  The result is a flawless finish with no visible fastening hardware, perfectly aligned pieces, and the biscuits actually pull the workpieces together.   All this takes a bit longer prep time in the shop, but it pays off with years of service looking as good as new.

The office also has a large bookcase for storage.  the shelves have 1 1/4 inch nosing on the 30 inch wide shelves.  This makes for a nice visual element to the shelves but also provides rigid span support.  Near the bookcase is a large fabric covered cork board 5 feet wide.  The doors  on the office cabinets have routed cove edges, with the base cabinets having full cable management for the PC and other electronics.  The framing bead on the cabinets doors has an ogee pattern on the stile and rail of the doors for a subtle distinguished design.  If you are going to work long hard hours, you may as well have a beautiful space to work in, right?


Tremendous amount of craftsmanship…

“There is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product” said Steve Jobs.

This Glastonbury kitchen exemplifies that statement fully.  It starts with a beautiful design concept by Lisa Davenport.    Being a narrow kitchen, it was a tight fit.  Rounded curved ends of the island ease the flow of traffic between the kitchen and the entrance.  The two tiered island allows for several stools of seating.  The kitchen opens into a comfortably designed seating area with a fireplace.  Clever storage is provided through tall lockers with a bench seat and handy wicker baskets.  The doors to the family room slide open with barn door hardware which roll open smoothly and are fully out of the way.

kitchen remodel redesign Glastonbury

Curved end cap island

More beautiful pictures of this finished design are available at Lisa’s Houzz page here http://www.houzz.com/projects/735139/kitchen-remodel

The craftsmanship lies in the details, such as the build of the curved end doors with inner curved shelves.  Constructed like part of a wooden barrel.


The clock was also custom made in America here at Brunarhans, and designed with a wooden surround to match the island and wood to match the floor.

IMAG0397    locker clock



Thanks to Steve Jobs for highlighting the craftsmanship and the team effort employed to put this together for the homeowner.  Beautiful pictures taken by the talented Neil Landino.

Steve_Jobs_Lost_Interview  Steve Jobs, The Lost Interview, Magnolia Pictures.


Tired of shopping malls?

A Thanksgiving Welcome – the Tetreaults come for a visit.   Coming to the Brunarhans showroom is an experience about as anti-shopping mall as you can get.  So much retail shopping occurs for the holidays that it is very ANONYMOUS.   But, several times a month, families like the Tetreaults come back to Brunarhans, having first made a purchase OVER 37 years ago! Over 11 custom made Brunarhans pieces fill their home, and have lasted for generations.  Story posted at Brunarhans.

No shopping mall traffic

Visit from the Tetreaults

Over the past 37 years the Tetreaults have furnished their lovely home with several custom made in America pieces from Brunarhans: a full sofa upholstered in Barrow Industries fabric, coffee table, 2 end lamp tables, an upholstered ottoman, a fireside chair, a full size swivel rocker chair, stereo cabinet entertainment center, a queen size cannonball bedroom set, 2 night stands.  And this information came from our hard copy index card sales order files at the Brunarhans showroom, seen here in Mrs Tetreaults hand.  We have several filing cabinets full of these manual records, showing the details of all purchases of our customers over the years.  They even include the hand drawn sketches and designs!

manual filing system cabinet

Original sales order from 37 years ago…

The looooong mahogany bar.

mahagony bar panel

With the right surface preparation and finishing, wood furniture and cabinets will have a stunning look and last a lifetime.  But the right preparation takes a lot of time.  It can only be done by hand.  Lots of hand sanding.  Flawless finishing like a varnish or lacquer cannot be applied by rookies; it takes years of experience, fluid body motions, and keen senses.  Our craftsmen have decades of experience, and our products are made at an unhurried pace.  This is the opposite of what mammoth off-shore furniture factories practice.

The picture above is just one panel of a loooooooong bar.  Made of mahogany with a waterproof clear coat, this bar is 16 feet in length.  This finished piece will be sanded, sprayed, dried, sanded again, sprayed again, and dried again – for a total of three coats.

mahagony bar hand sanding

Below is our finishing room in action.  Here our senior expert finisher, Lis, applies another coat.  This is done in our well lit, well ventilated, finishing room.  Lis makes fine adjustments to her spray gun not only by adjusting the air pressure, but by listening to the sound it makes.  Then she sets up the work at a particular height so that she can walk and spray the entire surface in one pass.  All senses are involved.

mahogany bar sprayed by hand not robot sprayed

Before we deliver it to our customer, we assembled the entire bar in our workshop to ensure it comes together exactly as designed.  Below is the 16 foot long bar assembled in our workshop.  It is details like this that set Brunarhans apart.  The curved bar rail and bar countertop are made of mahogany, and each of them is a solid piece of continuous length of mahogany.  There are no glued joints along the full length of the front of the bar!

mahogany bar fit and finish

Then we disassemble it, wrap it in furniture blankets, and carefully deliver it with our white glove service.  Below is an AutoCAD drawing  of the full bar, designed by our in house design staff.

mahogany bar AutoCAD drawing in-house designer

99% of you have never heard of Bubinga. How about the 1% who have?

99% of you have never heard of Bubinga.  How about the 1% who have?

They must work in the music or wood industry.  Bubinga is a gorgeous exotic wood valued for its musical properties, ability to produce massive wood slabs, and for its various grain patterns.  It is sourced from central African countries such as the Congo, Gabon, and Cameroon.  Not an especially rare or threatened tree species in Africa, the value comes from the size of the slabs and the grain that lies within.  “Waterfall” patterns of the grain are especially valued when presented in furniture and musical instruments from guitar companies like Martin and drum companies such as Gretsch (Both still made here in America, btw)

bubinga 02s

Brunarhans recently worked on six massive slabs of bubinga, each slab being over 40 inches wide, nearly 2 inches thick, and 8 feet tall.  And this is not plywood; it is a solid piece of lumber right from the tree!  Our customer wanted the slabs sanded to a fine finish using our Italian Sandya wide belt sander in our wood shop.  After slowly, repeatedly, and progressively being sanded down to 220 grit through our sander, we then applied a clear coat finish that brought out the grain and had a mirror-like reflection.  There is no color or stain applied to the finished wood, this is the natural color.

Bubinga by Brunarhans


If you have an idea that calls for a solid piece of beautiful lumber like bubinga,
we can help you go from that idea… to something admired.

Cold winter day, 30 years ago…

A cold winter day.  30 years ago.  A handsome young couple were shopping for their new Sturbridge home and needed the basics for their kitchen and dining room.  It was 1985 and they came to Brunarhans, which already had a 10 year reputation of producing distinctive custom kitchens.  Starting with a hutch made of pine with glass doors, then a matching server sideboard cupboard, and finally, a brand new built-to-fit kitchen made of oak with raised panel doors and a Corian countertop.  Beautiful kitchen and dining room and an easy design, build, and installation process.  They were happy then, and they are happy now.  We welcomed this couple back to our showroom as they discussed plans for their next home real estate, and told us of the years of service they’ve gotten out of their Brunarhans kitchen.  Our file cabinets are full of the blueprints and stories of our customers turned friends; well over 50,000 customers over the years.  Visit our showroom to see why our customers keep coming back.

loyal customers

Launch of NEXT…

DuPont invited Brunarhans and other Certified Fabricators to a front row seat for the unveiling of it’s new SURFACE collection called NEXT.  29 new colors and patterns join an already design-rich array to propel your environment to their next inspired décor.  The collection is grouped into FILTERED, DEEP, and CATALYST and complements the existing Zodiaq and Corian colors.  Impressive displays were crafted by the Fabricators to show the design versatility of these great products.

NEXT colors and patterns driven forward

Discover Discover!

Attended the gracious Discover Marble & Granite Grand Opening event last week.  If you’re shopping for granite countertops prices and variety, their showroom is your answer.  Huge inventory and ability to see granite versus quartz side-by-side.  Great technology too!  Got to see the new Zodiaq Corian and Cambria surfaces.

Discover grand opening



Ever seen a beautiful room in a coffee table book  or magazine – one that stays with you for a long time?  Finally you have to take action and get that room or an element of the room built in your home.  This is a common scenario at Brunarhans; numerous clients have come into our showroom with books or magazine pages or website photos and ask us to duplicate it in their kitchen, bathroom, family room, wine cellar, or bar area.  Even the smallest detail such as a piece of moulding is a starting point.  That’s what we have below – several years ago our client had an image of a piece of wood trim work that they wanted copied.  Unfortunately this trim was not available out of a catalog – Brunarhans spent hours on our CAD system designing this trim, then sending it to our CNC to be machined from solid Poplar wood, and then built into a custom bespoke cabinet for the bathroom with a matching mirror.  The original bathroom design inspiration from @Charlotte Moss.

custom made trim Moorish

Where would you go? Copy 100 year old antique mirror into a new master bathroom?

Where would you go?  Copy 100 year old antique mirror into a new master bathroom?


After coming home with a substantial six foot tall antique mirror, our client knew exactly which room the mirror was for – his master bathroom.   Further, he wanted to have the style and color of the mirror to be the foundation and the look of the new master bathroom.  This would require someone to duplicate the design features of the mirror into a custom bathroom sink cabinet.  Where would you go to have this done?

Already having a relationship with Brunarhans from his distinctive kitchen several years earlier, this client came back to Brunarhans with the request.  After many hours of custom design work, Brunarhans custom-made the bathroom vanity with sink and a clever hinged mirror that angles open.  The color of the vintage mirror frame was perfectly matched with a custom Benjamin Moore tint.  The detail trim was provided by AdamsWoodProducts.com.  The inner most trim is called beading and, although it looks like egg and dart, the outer trim is lamb’s tongue moulding.  The corners use a floral rosette.  The finished bathroom matches 100% in style and color due to our custom design, careful millwork, sturdy cabinetry, and precise finishing efforts.  Don’t worry, the very valuable antique mirror was not hurt during this replication or duplication process.  That’s the type of work Brunarhans does!

custom bathroom vanity marble     hinged tailors dressing mirror

Your fastest way to get a distinctive Brunarhans kitchen?

Buy the entire home!

Thousands of Brunarhans kitchens have been installed over the years.  After a quick search, we found the following properties for sale, improved by a distinctive Brunarhans kitchen.  It’s no surprise that these are typically the premium homes in the area, and they sell fast.

homes for sale 01

Thanks to https://www.facebook.com/BerkshireHathawayHomeServicesNEP and https://www.facebook.com/LetstalkRealty for highlighting the Brunarhans kitchens.

Lights, Action, Camera in the Kitchen…

Alina Eisenhauer Sweet Desserts Bar Dexter Russel“You’ll love working in the kitchen again,”  says award-winning chef Alina Eisenhauer of Sweet – Kitchen & Bar in this video.  This is a gorgeous Brunarhans kitchen, and we fully agree.   The video was filmed on location at @Brunarhans showroom in Woodstock CT at one of our distinctive and hard working kitchens.  This kitchen and all of our showroom kitchens are available for sale and installation.  This particular showroom kitchen is hand-made from maple with a natural finish and has a Wolfe double-oven and 6-burner gas cooktop from Clarke Appliance Showrooms, a Franke sink and granite countertops.  Dexter-Russell created this video to announce their comfortable and functional Duo-Glide line of knives.

Dexter-Russell has been making the best knives for 196 years.
Brunarhans has been making the finest kitchens for 42 years.


YouTube video

Brick in the kitchen…

The texture of brick can add so much depth and character to any room.  Here are a few examples of brick surrounding beautiful kitchens.


Slideshow 19